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Gift a SMILE

Help us deliver smiles, one donation at a time.

With donations as small as $10, you can help us achieve our mission of changing the lives of children with critical illnesses, one smile at a time.
Each donation guarantees one smile, and helps us build a platform for thousands more. We are full staffed by volunteers only and minimize our overhead expenses so that more of your contribution goes directly towards putting a smile on a little kid's face when they need it most.

How much is a precious little smile worth to you, and can you or someone
you know help sponsor a little teammate? Please donate via our donorbox link or Venmo!
Thank you and keep smiling!
We ask that donations over $250 are donated via check, Zelle, or Venmo to avoid expensive transaction fees as we want every cent to go towards delivering smiles. Please contact us with any further questions.
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